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Designing a product packaging requires more than a good judgement. What makes and consider a good packaging design? A product’s packaging is an integral part of the product itself.  It is the first impression of your branding. An expectation from your customers that interest and make consideration to buy your product. Eye-catching design packaging should make both a physical and psychological connection. It is good to invest in packaging design to create awareness and make your product stand out on the shopping shelves or online that will set you aside from your competitors. Have a outstanding branding and seductive product packaging if you have a smaller brands that going to compete against other established products and hoping to grab a share of the market. Packaging consumer products is one of the most important aspects of marketing. The packaging identifies the product and reassures consumers that their choice of purchase. However, this important when the brand owners match the qualities of the product’s packaging with what consumer’s desire.

Understand the Company & Product

Do your homework on all the aspects of the company, understand the founding, history, what their selling products and how they marketing it.  Know the product you are going to market and what are the packaging, know the product specification and most importantly what are the target customers and demographic.

Research & Pricing

Draft several design of the ideas packaging and visualise what is the end product should look like. Survey what are your competitors have in their packaging that make them sell. Also, you can take products in a different category and learn from their packaging product. Do a mock-ups design packaging and research some ideas from your competitors. Or you can have a feedback from your consumers because they know the best source for expressing what they want to see or need. Both quality and creative packaging contribute strong signal and influencer in your consumer’s decision making process, even if your product is priced a little higher than your cheaper competitors.

Design & Protective

There are two factors to considerate with packaging design, form and function. The main purpose of the packaging keeps the product within safe and intact. For protection and securing, you might want to encase your product in bubble wrap, polystyrene or a blank box. Provide your consumers with product information and make it an attractive buying prospect. Avoid too much creativity as it will lead to product ambiguity. Make clear what’s inside the packet or box, and brand name visibility. A simple white label located on the side of your product indicating the product benefits information for the consumer, and consider using transparent plastic packaging for easily viewable of the quality of the product.

Simple yet Clarity

Simple, clear yet highly distinctive packaging design, be clear about the product, be clear about the brand. Oversell a product through its packaging will result in opposite effect. Packaging is just a packaging purposes and serve as a transportable, include applicable warning label, and also preserve and protect the product. Custom packaging can be expensive and it serves as a protective measurement. Whether the product is sold over the Internet, in the store or both, the text on the packaging should be legible. Creative in using small or large font for the text and font colour should blend with the overall design of the packaging. Only put what is important and necessary on the packaging and omitting superfluous text. Also, the copy work and any other information the package needs such as legal information, price, bar codes, and any additional information that is required. Do include the information in the necessary languages for the target audience.

Go Green

Many product packaging are made of recycle product and consumers are more and more conscious of friendly products they buy that are affecting environmental issues. Most people choose recycle product packaging so that they can re-use it for other good use. Developing eye-catching packaging designs that are also eco-friendly packaging can also boost sales. There may also be legislative production requirements to consider, however not all are restricted by law. Consumers and advocacy groups may take notice of what are the product in the market that goes green. People are talking of saving our Mother Earth and does not cause harm to the environment.  Study show that product packaging is one of the cause that produce waste.  Go green and your product will get good attention and support by other.

Internet and Store Selling

Products that are selling over the internet is a bite tricky compare to products in disappear in a store. Buyers are unable to touch and feel your product before buying, so the packaging of your product must appeal to them in a imaginable and expected way. Of couse, a product that disappear on a shelf in the store has more advantage to stand out from the competing products enough for consumers to decide to buy or to skip.

To Summarise

Packaging design is a large and demanding design field always looking for designers who can deliver both product originality and sales performance. Packaging is the last message a consumer sees and a last chance to convince him to buy the product. Clarity, honesty, authenticity and other rules described above play an important rule in this process but are by no means the final word on the subject.


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